One color rules them all. Nope that’s where you’re wrong. Monochrome doesn’t mean only black, gray and white. It’s

1. Effortless

Pick a color and from tha pick two to three shades. That’s it. Don’t pick too many shades. 

2. Slimmer and taller

One color simply creates an uninterrupted line from head to toe that gives an illusion of an elongated silhouette.

3. Bold statement

Who knew with a single color could make a bold statement? The simplicity of a single color allows you to make a bold fashion statement, It gives you a sense of unity and balance.

4. Calming

Simplicity creates calmness and serenity. Your monochrome choice of color may be bright and popping but still with one color it gives a non-chaotic vibe.

5. Look together and composed

Due to the similarity of color from head to toe easily conveys a well put together and classy look.