First thing first, let’s clear this out of the way. When you hear the word monochrome it’s not only for black, white and gray colors ladies. You could actually have a monochrome look with any color. A monochromatic outfit would consist of pieces of one color, so you can choose different shades and tint of the same color. Again, any color ladies.

Now the question is “Why should we dress in monochrome?"

Monochromatic look creates an illusion of length

This outfit creates one seamless line from head to toe that makes you appear taller and slimmer. This works for petite body types as well.

Immediately looking polished and stand out

With the same hues and tints it forms a harmonious look in a quick second. It’s effortlessly chic. This also goes when you want to highlight an accessory of the whole look.

It boosts your confidence

Since it gives you a polished look, it will give you a put together feeling with matching colors. You will look classic and fashion forward at the same time.


When you go traveling, packing outfits sometimes is a hassle. Not with monochromatic looks, it’s less challenging. When you pack monochromatic looks, you can mix and match with your other monochromatic ones.