Hi ladies,

Quoting Nicky Minaj “Let’s go to the beach-each, let’s go get a wave”

Yes for our yearly #LBSTeam outing 2024 our whole team went to the beach for togetherness and to refresh our bodies, minds and souls.

For two nights and three days we treated ourselves and getting to know each other a little bit more. We stayed one night at Pangandaran Beach and the other at Batu Karas.

We had so many fun activities; enjoying the sand at the beach, taking pictures, tried some water sports, swimming at the hotel, tried ATV, shopping and of course enjoying sunset and sunrise. One of the activities that was very memorable was body rafting at Ciwayang because it was a difficult track, which is on the other side from Green Canyon.

Not only enjoying the activities we also get a chance to have a relaxing time at our stay at Batu Karas’s villa, and every corner is so aesthetically pleasing. Some hangout and ate seafood at Madasari. In the evening we held games at the villa which got us closer and know more about each other.


It was so lovely to spend time together with the team. Not only recharging and refreshing, we’re making new memories together. Here’s to more exciting things ahead.