“What do you mean exclusive launch?” you might ask. The CITY STONE Collection was first launched and available at LBS’ Bandung and Surabaya store on that day (16/8), then it would be available on all LBS online channels on the next day, which was August 17th 2023. It was exciting for the customers who came to Bandung and Surabaya, they had the pleasure to be the first to see this collection and also tried them on first hand.

Specifically at the LBS Store Bandung, the exclusive launching was held privately earlier and later for the public on the same day. Apart from that it was for sure it was not just like any other day, LBS definitely had a fun party and some memorable activities.

This party had everything and it was enlivened by DJ’s music selection, Peach of Cake’s not only delicious but aesthetically appealing scones, lovely selection of coffee and pancakes by Moist and champagne were such indulgences. To make this party more exceptional; the invited guests also capture their moment at the magic photo booth from Smite Photobooth.

It was a special day for everybody, for customers there was a Spinning Wheel game for those who spent at least Rp 1 Million and they could get “LBS Pattern Bag for Rp 1.5million minimum purchase.

It was a lovely day to share with LBS friends, relatives and customers who have supported and taken their time to celebrate this milestone. A message from LBS “We are beyond happy and grateful to be able to gather and have so much fun together. We can’t thank people enough for that joyous celebration. Hopefully we can meet at the next event.”