There’s no way you say “I have nothing to wear”

Dear ladies,

There are days when you don’t know what to wear even when you have a full closet. Remember that Clueless’s scene. Tons of clothes but you just don’t know what to wear.

Here are 5 reminders whenever you feel you have nothing to wear

1. Detox and organize your closet
Cluttered closet could be the source of the problem. Simple decluttering sesh helps you see clearly what you have in your wardrobe and gives that mind clarity. Marie Kondo may have given up decluttering, but you should not.

2. Your clothes don’t fit properly
Recognizing and accepting your body shape is important and quoting Marie Kondo once said “Keep only things that speak to your heart” and to add that “and fits you to your body”.

3. Have the staples
Staples pieces are interchangeable and foundation to create complete outfits. Those timeless pieces really go a long way. These kinds help you turn flawlessly from casual to formal. White shirt, chic blazer, favorite pair of jeans, black pants, remember basics.

4. Figure out your personal style
Don’t know where to start, go to Pinterest ladies. After you see and try what you like, maybe it’s time for you to add some pieces that match your style.

5. Create your own cheat sheet
This is the quickest fix; When you feel good and look good wearing an outfit, take a picture of it and save it on your phone’s album. So whenever that feeling “oh no i have nothing to wear” creeps in just go through that album and bam you found help. Easy. You already know you look good in that fit.

PS: Mini fashion shows during that decluttering session would be fun too.