Because sometimes a white shirt looks need to take a break. Enter striped shirts. Here are some easy ways to wear and style your striped shirts.

1. No brainer look

Jeans and sneakers is the comfiest combo with your striped shirt. And just like that you look casual yet stylish.

2. Layer it

Wear an oversized blazer with black pants or jeans and add that striped shirt over it. You will look effortlessly cool, just like that. Don't forget pointy black heels.

3. Cleaner look

It’s time to bring out your white jeans, skirt or shorts. Yes white bottoms give a bump up notch for looking stylish in your white shirt. For bag, pick a crossbody bag.

4. Dare it

Instead of a regular black pants, pair your striped shirt with leather pants for a polished look. We dare you. Wear it with open toe heels.

5. Rock it baby

Ripped jeans, tucked in striped shirt with a tied up bandana around the neck. Complete it with boots. Chic with a touch of rock and roll.