Halloween Ideas

Halloween is the one day in a year where a girl can dress up like a total different person and have a blast with it!
For stylish and evillish looks, these movie characters could be your option.

Cat Woman

Anne Hathway one or Zoe Kravitz one, your choice, the basics are the same; a sleek and clean black outfits from head to toe, including black boots or black heels, a mask with cat ears and gloves, don’t forget the bold red lipstick, to give a little roar to your look.

Cruella de Vil

Imitate her glam punk-inspired fashion with black and white ensemble, such as black leather jacket, with your white unique white top and mini skirt, complete the vibe with mesh stocking and boots. Last touch is bold makeup and you’re ready darlin’

Harley Quinn

Who said for halloween you have to wear all black? This is an excuse for you to be colorful and crazy for this time of year. Wear tight raglan tees and cute shorts, layer it with sheer black stockings and put your hair in pigtails, give a little heart on your face to give that cute crazy look.

The White Witch

Who can portray the best elegance and icy look than this lady? Wear an icy white dress or gown, and a silver crown to embody her chilling charm, don’t forget the accessories and icy pale cool makeup.

What do you think? These fashionable movie villain costumes allow you to mix style and villainy making for a chic and memorable Halloween outfit.