Boo!! Halloween is not only one day, but it could be a whole month of October. LBS got you ladies! We have our latest collection that could be worn after Halloween.

They’re versatile and fierce.

Complemented with removable handmade accessories, such as ribbons, sequin sleeves and self attached pins with high quality.

Drake Blazer

For Halloween a versatile fitted blazer dress with removable sequins sleeves. It gives you the option to be a stylish witch or vampire. For a daily look you can wear a Drake blazer as a professional outfit for the office or a casual dress look you can pair with sneakers. Add a statement necklace or scarf for extra style and wear it as a dress or outer your choice.

Alegra Dress

Pin it ladies. Sexy and gorgeous mini dress with unique pin accent. If you want to remove it, you can, but be careful when removing it. You can also use this mini dress as a base dress and blazer as a complement. Give it a fresh look every time you wear it.

Venne Dress

Cuteness with some edge. A mini dress with a flare model and silver straps, also complimented with a ribbon brooch accent. Of course, you can take it off for more formal and professional looks. For a more edgy and rebellious look, layer it with a leather or denim jacket over it.

Don’t limit yourself to only wearing them on Halloween. Give it a pop of color for now and then for a little surprise and a “BOO!”