As we commemorate the next chapter we released our 11th anniversary collection “CITY STONE”

Facts about LBS’s CITY STONE Collection

Entering the 11th year means LBS is growing stronger with more fluidity of freedom to explore what’s next.
Not only that, City Stone meant to empower women to be whoever they want to be.

It is a Vibe

The City Stone collection gives you a brave, fearless feel with a sense of calm and serenity in each piece. Don’t limit yourself thinking that this kinda look can only be worn outdoors, it also gives you a powerful look and feel where you are. You can wear them for 9-5 days, to “i’m free, so let’s go out” time.

Not our usual style

This collection doesn’t look like our usual semi formal looks, but it’s daring. It gives a chance to mix and match, not only within the collection but with your already owned staples or other unique pieces. Build your own style, it will be anything but boring.

Daring Pieces

Released in 9 vary pieces, City Stone collection comes with surprising items that are unusual and daring yet notable and still on trend. The fit is fitting. From cargo skirts to cut-out tailored blazers, from denim cargo pants to crop tops.

Subtle Elevating Colors

With this braver look and vibe, it comes in colors that are elegant, bold and high end. You could never go wrong in black, brown, olive, denim, beige, broken white. These colors might sound muted but for sure it will elevate your whole look.


Combining the colors and style, LBS has picked materials that are ideal for this collection. Because material choices are as important as the styles, they look and feel elevated yet still weather friendly. From classy fabric feel to detailed textures show quality.