Autumn Outfits

We know for sure Indonesia doesn’t have autumn, but that’s why we have passports. So there’s no reason not to prepare your autumn outfits for your next four-seasons countries.

Here are some keywords for you that are applicable in this autumn season


As the weather gets cooler, layering becomes essential. Try to pair sweaters with blouses, vests or lightweight jackets to create not only stylish looks but also functional outfits.

Rich Colors

Who said black is the only dark rich color? Deep and warm colors like burgundy, forest green, mustard yellow and chocolate brown are often associated with this chilly season. 


Yes. Knee high boots or ankle boots, those are the shoes that aren’t only give you warmth and comfort but also effortless stylish looks. And don’t limit yourself with black color, brown or burgundy could look out of the box.

Oversized Silhouettes

Tis the season to bring out your bigger sized outfits that make you look somewhat “drown” in style. Chunky sweaters, oversized blazer and wide leg pants have been popular.


Warmth is key for this kinda weather, accessories relate with layering, so it’s time to bring out your scarves, statement belts and hats that can be worn to add a finishing touch to your fall outfits.

Textured Fabrics

This season might be cold and seems dark, but you can still show some “lights” in textures, such as corduroy, tweed and wool.  These fabrics are not only warm but also stylish.

And just like that you’re ready to go. Next? Check your tickets ladies.