The LBS Team is filled with passionate young individuals who are all unique in their own way. We are all passionate about fashion and share the same belief that we are here to grow together and to give good impacts for other people. Furthermore, we value kinship, transparency, and professionalism. Although we came from different backgrounds, we will always share the same vision.

As LBS continues to grow, we are always looking for talented people who share the same thought and heart to join our family. We need people who are willing to learn and share their knowledge. If you are looking for a fresh, dynamic, a positive working environment who always encourage you to grow, who knows, maybe LBS is the right place for you.

So, let’s grow together! Kindly drop your CV and portfolio (if any and needed) to:


Our sales coordinator duty is to assists the sales team by setting sales goals. Provides valuable feedback to management to make sure that consumers are satisfied with the product.


  1. Bachelor’s degree
  2. Min. 1 year experience in related field
  3. Entrepreneurial spirit, smart risk takers, self-motivated and persistent
  4. Organised, analytical and high initiative
  5. Have passion in fashion field
  6. Ready to be placed in Bandung


  1. Analyze the brand’s point of sales and generate report (daily, weekly & monthly) for future development of the brand
  2. Selecting products to be sold in our channels (online, offline, bazaar, marketplace) & manage all the channels including the team
  3. Manage stock level
  4. Monitor market trends, consumer behaviour and competitor activities to strategize brand future development
  5. Strive to achieve sales goals
  6. Work with Marketing team to make sales programs

Store supervisor is the one who is in charge of the entire stores and the staffs that work within. Responsible with the general operations of a store, managing stocks, creating a customer friendly experience in the store. She is the one who arrange the display and able to turn our store into a perfect place to shop.


  1. Bachelor’s degree.
  2. Minimum 1 year experience in the related field
  3. Willing to work in shift, weekend and public holidays
  4. Excellent in organizational, analytical, time management and leadership skills
  5. Have passion in fashion and great at arranging store display
  6. Ready to be placed in Bandung

We need someone who is able to develop our existing web and to do maintenance for our website. Able to provide what is needed to be shown on our website. He/She will be working together with other teams (ex. Sales and Marketing).


1. Bachelor’s Degree
2. Min. 1 year experienece in related field
3. Passionate about coding and programming, innovation, and solving web problems
4. Strong knowledge in php, wordpress, woo-commerce
5. Have knowledge and experience in Javascript, html, and css is a plus
6. Enjoy teamwork
7. Attention to details
8. Fulltime working and ready to be placed in Bandung, we can consider part timers

This main role is to serve and help customers if needed with a right information and must be friendly to customers. Beside that, a sales promotion girl has the task of displaying the product in the store and able to control it.


  1. Based in Bandung
  2. Min. senior high school (SMA) or equal education level
  3. Max. 27 years old
  4. Willing to work in shift, weekend and public holidays
  5. Advising & serving customers
  6. Able to provide informations on pricing and product availibility
  7. Able to communicate well with customers
  8. Able to handle customer complaints
  9. Able to work in team