Life is full of surprises, and that is what happened here at LBS. Came from many different backgrounds, we are all unique individuals who met by chance with one common belief that every coincidence is a message. There are always reasons why we meet certain people and why we experience certain things. Life always has its own purposes.

Through Lookboutiquestore, we always do what we believe in, one small step at a time. It is the courage to start from where we were, it is the passion for every clothes we make, and it is the contribution in every occasion we took. This is just the beginning. We will never stop to learn and continue to grow. With all the support from you, we are truly very excited to see what is coming next.


About Us

LOOKBOUTIQUESTORE is an innovative fashion manufacturer who pays attention into details in order to offer you the finest fashion products. We specializes in materials that are comfortable to use and fit perfectly in your body. Not only the materials, but also every aspect is being perceived carefully. Each clothing will go through an excellent quality control before it is delivered to our beloved customers/you. Furthermore, we value simple, elegant and timeless as our style, which is perfect for everyday use. Fresh arrival is delivered every 2 weeks and it makes LBS a fashion online store with a broad product range for casual look and semi-formal ready to wear.

About Us


It is always our priority to put you first, listening to your needs and delivering it into our products and the services. We always make sure to deliver our best: the clothes that we provide and also an excellent customer service. It is our happiness if every piece from us will make you feel comfortable to be your own best self, and t is our pleasure to make you feel happy as you reward yourself with our clothes. Always be confident with who you really are, because we truly believe that each one of you is unique and magnificent in your own way.



Share The Kindness Inside You.

We believe everyone has the ability to make this world a better place. Starting with ourselves, we’re taking a small action through LBS Care. LBS Care is our social movement to help others through the gift of our time, donations, and goods. It is a small step to contribute, to be a responsible part of the society by helping those in need. As we know, the world is not always friendly, but do not let the world define you! Be brave enough to care, start by taking a small step from doing what you can do, from where you are and in your own way. With this movement, we hope that we can be an inspiration for you to take the courage in creating a home in this world.

If each of us takes one small action, millions of us can do what one can never do alone.

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